Thursday, 9 November 2017

Basketball Afterschool Practices begin next week

Updated Nov. 9th, 2017
We will also be adding morning and lunchtime practices the week of Nov 27th. To be announced soon.

Team Practice Times M, T, Th, F from 3:05-4:15pm
Monday gr 7 girls
Tuesday Gr 6 boys
Wednesday Gr 4, 5, and 6 girls (2:35 to 4pm)
Thursday Gr 5 boys
Friday Gr 7 Boys

Please take note of the days and times and athletes must inform their coach of any conflicts.

4/5 Girls:     Mr Klaponski
5 Boys:    Ms. Paraiso 
6 Girls:     Mrs. Olaybol/Coach Kristensen
6 Boys:     Mr. Walters 
7 Girls:     Mr. Borkowski Coach Kevin
7 Boys:    Mr. Sutton Coach Anton 

Monday, 2 October 2017

CISVA Cross-Country meet is this Wednesday at Swangard Stadium

Wednesday, Oct. 4th                                                                    Time: 10:45-2pm
See race times below. Your departure time should be 1 ½ hours before your race time. Example: if you are in the Intermediate Fun Run you need to leave CCS at 10:30am.

The CISVA Cross-Country meet is at Swangard Stadium . This is a rain or shine event so dress your child appropriately. This meet has an Age Specific Competitive Race and a Fun Run. Four students have been selected to compete in the competitive run (with the option of the Fun Run, if they have enough energy to do so).  All other runners will take part in the Fun Run. Cross Country Coaches have selected and informed the runners that will participate in the competitive race.  The distances of the run will be the same regardless of the race your child runs.

Run Start Times
10:45am    Gr 2 girls      (9:00am departure time)
12:15pm    Gr 4 girls
11:00am    Gr 2 boys
12:30pm    Gr 4 boys
11:15am    Gr 3 girls
12:45pm    Gr 5 girls
11:30am    Gr 3 boys
1:00pm      Gr 5 boys
11:45am Primary Fun Run (Gr 2-3)
1:15pm      Gr 6 girls
12:00pm Intermediate Fun Run (Gr 4-7)
1:30pm      Gr 6 boys   (12:00pm departure time)
                                                          (10:30am departure time)
1:45pm      Gr 7 girls

2:00pm      Gr 7 boys

After your child’s race you may head home but please sign out with the Coaches.
On race day please follow these 5 steps:

1.     Drive to Swangard Stadium. 
2.     Check in with your coach near the CCS banner in the stadium stands. 
3.     Run your race. 
4.     Check out! All runners are encouraged to cheer on our athletes before and after their race.

**There is some parking next to the stadium but also off Boundary Rd or Imperial Street.  There is a little walk to the stadium from these locations so plan ahead. 
We look forward to seeing you there,
Mr. Klaponski

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Gr 4, 5,6, 7 boys and girls can Join the Junior Crusaders!

The Holy Cross Crusaders want you to be a part of their basketball program. This is a great opportunity to meet future classmates at Holy Cross and learn how to play the Crusader
way. They have expanded their program to two teams. We will be having a free open tryout for our Junior Crusader Basketball Teams. These teams will be for boys currently in grades 4, 5, 6
and 7 and planning on attending Holy Cross High School in the future.  Saturday September 23rd 3-5pm Sunday September 24th 2-4pm at the Holy Cross Gymnasium.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Cross Country Information

Grade Level Distances
1           1km
2 & 3     1.2 km             
4 & 5     1.8 km                          
6 & 7     2.4 km

Training will occur during PE classes

Our first meet (open to Gr.1-7 –the only meet offered to our Grade 1s) is the Star of the Sea Cross-Country meet on Monday September 18th.  It will be held at Crescent Park in South Surrey.  This is a great participation meet and it is close to our school.  This is a fun meet and the boys and girls will run with their age groups. 
Our second meet is the CISVA Cross-Country meet (Gr. 2-7) on Wednesday, October 4th.  It is at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby. This meet has a competitive and non-competitive portion. All students will participate in 1 run.  The 4 CCS athletes with the fastest times from each age group will compete in the competitive run (with the option of the Fun Run, if they have enough energy to do so).  All other runners will take part in the fun run. Cross Country Coaches will decide the 4 runners that will participate in the competitive race.

Permission forms will be sent home